What No One Can See

When Enough is Enough it just becomes far to much; and God is going to Laugh at the Calamity of Billions who believe in only the words of man while Rejecting His Truth. Therefore God will not hear when they all cry out in Distress with Agony. http://timeoftrouble.webs.com/enoughisenough.htm

When it comes right down to stories of life there are billions of them, and with those billions are stories that can be so horrifying that they make what has happen to us in our own lives look to be more as a blessing; and that even includes today with the high unemployment rate in America along with so many dysfunctional families riddled with a slew of life’s difficulties from A to Z.

Some can handle the sad reality of atrocities the way that it always has been and the way that it is today; and others cannot; therefore if you are the other you best walk away now.

But if you are one that can deal with the way life truly is as you view photos and read these words I want you to think hard because much of what you will see or read could very well happen to you, a loved one or a friend because we all as a human race will soon be entering the beginning of sorrows within a society where law becomes obsolete; and those within the United States of America when great tribulation strikes will become as a shame and a disgrace for all the world in nations roundabout to see via modern technology.  Ezekiel 5:14  And when any man or shepherd tells you those words are out of context, please just pray that God has mercy on them, but never argue with anyone, because what gain is there in it for anyone? 

America is not singled out as the only nation to fall because this whole world has reached the times of the end; however America as the once greatest nation on earth because of God's promised blessings will be the first to fall because of God who always keeps His promises; and He said that through disobedience it would also be destroyed. Leviticus 26:14-31

There is no end to the amount of photos worldwide that show gruesome murders, violent rapes, brutal tortures, child abuse, child sex slavery, child murders and just every horror that our minds choose not to think of. . . .But just because we don't think of what is happening to others each passing moment does not make it go away; and God sees all things this pathetic human race has done with just a quick view through this link.


What follows below is just enough of so much that its become even to much for God to tolerate any longer; therefore these years that lie ahead will become as a living hell for all who remain alive as death and destruction with waste and desolation become the new way of life for billions as that number becomes reduced to about 680,000,000 or ten percent of this worlds population that will remain alive for a new life in the millennium ruled by Christ and His firstfruits as the government of God with just no more of enough is enough for all of eternity because God is love whereas the current god of this world is hate; and he leads all in ways they cannot see even though God gives descriptive words of truth that all who believe in Him do not believe; therefore they all just listen to man while believing their words of blindness that have been gathering the many for the ditches in wait with no escape. Matthew 15:14


       8-year old Laura Hobbs                      9-year-old Krystal Tobias 

Both girls above had been beaten and stabbed repeatedly in the woods and left to die,  He said the girls were found side-by-side and did not appear to have been sexually assaulted, but just very brutally murdered.


Elisa is an 8-year-old female with brown hair and brown eyes. She is 4’0 tall and weighs 60 lbs. When last seen she was wearing a light purple sweater with Winnie the Pooh on the front and light blue colored jeans----Jada is a 2-year-old female. She is 2’2″ tall and weighs 35lbs. Jada has brown eyes and black hair. Her date of birth is August 3, 2006. When last seen she was wearing an orange skirt and striped shirt.


O'Neill is the man police say is shown on a Sanford, N.C., hotel surveillance camera carrying Shaniya into a hotel room shortly after she was reported missing and then found dead in a dumpster. He is being held without bond for murder. The girl's mother, Antoinette Davis, has been arrested and charged with child prostitution. 

The father of 5-year-old Shaniya told Oprah Winfrey today that the girl's mother trafficked the child {prostitution} to pay off a drug debt. 

I just read an article about a man who raped and tortured a 19 year old collage student for 19 hours. Can you even begin to imaging what that girl went through? Just to think of her and as much as she most certainly suffered for almost twenty hours just tares me all to pieces, and then multiply what she suffered and place the victims male and female of all ages worldwide and you will become as me in looking forward to the end of this world with man ruling man that is nothing but just plain sickening; and only the blind fools of this world today who think that they know God are going to have to learn the hard way that His truths made available to all were just ignored with religious people trusting in people while rejecting God's words of truth that say put no confidence in man; and we all need and must have God's Spirit as the only way to be spiritually prepared for whats coming that's unstoppable. But how to gain that Spirit the blinded sheep of this world know not; and that is because they are all unknowingly led by the counterfeit spirit of disobedience that comes from the god of this world who has deceived this whole world exactly as God said he would, but the religions of man just don't believe what God says.


Never ever be foolish enough to think that what goes around will not come around, because I can promise you it will. So re-look and see those victims and children as your own.

It's time to see yourself as the prisoner and the victim with foreign soldiers having their heydays of nothing but fun and enjoyment as they torture and kill. Its time for you to all awake now, or just procrastinate until something bad happens to change your mind, but guess what? You blew it, so you will remember these words when you are being tortured.  


God even tells you in Isaiah 13:16 how your children will be dashed to pieces before your eyes and wives ravished! Oops!! More out of context words for this world filled with the religions of man!! May God have mercy on you all who cannot see the coming storms!! Read Lamentations 5:11 and Zechariah 14:2 with spiritual eyes so the name Jerusalem does not fool you as it does the many, but the few can see clearly.


 There are many photos of US soldiers raping and abusing foreign women, so you might as well know that when the tables have turned, it will be your wife and daughters that are being beaten and raped.

 William Bonin

Known as the "Freeway Killer" convicted of murdering 14 boys and young men, but suspected in the murder of 30. "He was impassioned about what he did. He loved it," said L.A. prosecutor. "Listening to his confession was like sitting in a room of horrors. Here we are talking about killing kids and throwing them out like pieces of trash, and then going back to get another. It made me sick." Bonin played the appeals game cleverly for 17 years, using the justice system to his advantage. 

Texas Eyeball Killer
He did not fit the profile of a serial killer. He had a master's degree, knew several languages, was a former science teacher, was charming, was in a seemingly satisfying relationship, and seemed completely at ease with having his home searched and his gun tested. He did not abuse substances. Associates who were questioned about him remained loyal, certain the police had the wrong man. He had coached football, helped with Cub Scouts, and was kind to children. He was both articulate and artistic, a cultivated man accomplished in many things from piano to bullfighting, who seemed anything but a murderer. He was generous, friendly, and helpful to people in need.
Who can you trust these days? Only God who never lies. Just look at this world including the catholic homosexuals while knowing they are everywhere and in all different denominations of the buildings of man called churches along with schools, boy scouts and lesbians in girl scouts. 
A candidate for the Washington State house of representatives said the Girl Scouts of America is a hotbed of lesbianism and atheism. BSA has been sued many times over their ban on gays and lesbians serving as leaders. Is the 100 year old policy discriminatory?
How about physically abused women that are everywhere worldwide in very high numbers? 
My heart reaches out to women worldwide who go through lives of suffering through the deranged mind of their husbands or boy friends who always abuse them, and why they all just don't walk away with never looking back I just can't understand. But the good news is coming after the bad has passed; and the bad news of great tribulation is the only way that God who is the Father can teach His disobedient children, because His words they just will not hear.
What about Pornography? 
What about used children for producing it?  What about young girls who are tricked into porn with false promises of earning money only to be used as prostitutes and porn movie makers?  When any person just takes the time for a deep look into worldwide child pornography they would become absolutely shocked on just how horrible the multi billion porn industry really is along with the hundreds of millions who thrive on watching some of the most disgusting and sickening acts that can even involve children with animals. If you were God, would you tolerate that?
Or just bring mankind with no sense, morals, ethics, intelligence or obedience to its final end of their own ways through the worst of the worst as living nightmares with much more agony than death?  Welcome to the coming reality that has already happened because all prophecy being fulfilled is the news that was written thousands of years ago that is coming to pass just as written, but is the breaking news that all need to hear which goes unreported.  
It's just too much of a sensitive, sickening and discussing subject to go any further with because its is a great sad truth all over this world; and what may go no further here and now is still coming in a full force that will effect every life on earth.
What about tortures?
What about men women and children that somewhere are being tortured right this moment? What about a women and children somewhere that is being raped and sexually abused right now as you read? What about someone that's is being brutally murdered right now? With every moment that goes by something very horrible is happening to someone somewhere whether it be a baby or the elderly along with every age in between, and what's happening to them in horrible ways is also going to happen to all within a world who haven't the common sense to even follow the written instructions for life that have been provided by our creator.

The greatest mistake that people of in modern societies of the world today make is thinking that they are above others; therefore what happens to billions worldwide could never happen to them; if only the believers in God would only listen to Him, they would see the massive storms of death and destruction approaching upon a population that are all totally unprepared physically, mentally and spiritually.

The actual graphics of brutality are not what people want to see, however, according to God the time is coming when you could very well be a living witness or a victim because torture has always been and still is today with more to come tomorrow until this world completely comes to its end of man ruling man that has always been a complete failure. 
In years past I made attempts to contact Jay Leno, Oprah, and other talk show hosts. I have also made attempts in contacting producers of movies, authors, news writers, celebrities or just anyone that had some ears to hear truth that had an audience who believed what they said; and no one cares, understands or even will listen.
But through these years of living hardships I have learned that if religious people don't believe God, no one else will either. But wait a minute, I think that the non religious people may just be the ones who can see what just common sense shows by just looking at this world as it is with enough nuclear power, chemical and biological stockpiles to just totally annihilate this whole human race, whereas reality is out of context to the religions of this world just as all of the words of God directly to them are also out of context; and that is because they are in the flesh who is led by the prince and power of the air which makes their minds out of context for truth. Ephesians 2:2
I want to warn as many as God will allow, and the last place for warnings are where the religions of man are present. But even the non religious show hosts with millions of viewers would bring a good audience. It is not for me to change anyone, because only God can do that. But what I can do is just plant some seeds of truth that will help some to endure through what was planted within their sub-conscious of  the coming storms that they will have no escape from because they waited to long to acknowledge God.
"How long, ye simple ones will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge?  Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise. Because I have called, and ye refused;I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded; I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh; When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you.
Now you have waited to long
"Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early {in their distress and anguish} but they shall not find me: for that they hated knowledge,and did not choose the fear of the Lord.  
And they are extremely major storms!!
Because the devil has been hard at work for decades now via the permission from God; and he has done well. 
The only way for true spiritual warfare is in being a man of God as Daniel was and will be again when resurrected. Notice in chapter nine of his book when he prayed to God how he even included himself and said,
"We have sinned, and have committed iniquity, and have done wickedly, and have rebelled, even by departing from thy precepts and from thy judgments. 
We all need to learn how to walk with God and for His will while forsaking the fleshly material things of life while their is still very little time to change our ways.
Are you hardworking as a miner twenty four hours a day seeking silver and searching for hid treasures?  That is the only way to gain the fear of the Lord. Proverbs chapters 1-3 plus the whole book over and over again as a great education for whatever life's circumstances you may have.  But out of context to the religions of man. 
May your hearts become pleasing to God so that He shows you His mercy.
"Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear Him, upon them that hope in His mercy; To deliver their soul from death, and to keep them alive in famine. Psalms 33:18-19