What No One Can See

My Grandmother at 103 and her words of the great depression.

My grandmother Pauline who turned 103 in March of this year fell out of her wheelchair in the retirement home where she stays in Kentucky a couple of days ago, and because of the fall she gashed her head hard enough to where she needed 15 stitches and remained in the hospital, yet being a tough old gal she seemed fine and doing well.


Today I heard that her oldest son my uncle Ken who is 85 went to see her; and my uncle Bill her second oldest who has been my only friend and family contact in America ever since I came into the Philippines over four years ago who is the only person to keep me aware of happenings. Below is my uncle Bill and aunt Eileen in their early 80's.




 This is my grandparents, uncle Bill's mom and dad around 80 years ago and old Charlie died in Altoona Kansas back in1972. 


This was taken 8 years ago. 



These were taken earlier this year, and she is in the chair she just fell from a couple days ago.  

I write because of my very great respect for people with age, as they have seen much more and been through much more than most all give them any credit for. Below is the last time I was with my grandmother in July of 2006 and we had some good conversation. 


And she even loves a ride in a Harley sidecar 


That's me standing,  grandma Pauline and Steve her youngest son who is now 65.


 I had asked her what it was like in the great depression because I have learned so very much about it through the years such as this photo below which was a squatters shack or just home sweet home for many.  

And you really need to look at it hard because the days are coming when it may be as a blessing; and never allow your mind to drift you into what man says, because its mans confusion with greed and power hunger that has always been the source of all the problems with the human race.


This woman has a mind full of discouragement with no way to go, and what I mean is just that. What will you do with hungry kids, no money, illness, a world in a mess and just no where to turn?  Only those who can now hear others through their hearts will have God's mercy, because out of love for us all, He must teach those without hearts what it means to not be heard. God is love, God is fair, and God is a teacher of truth. 


Very upsetting weather conditions and natural disasters that have taken many a life, and very severe weather conditions worldwide have been at great acceleration rates through this past decade, and much worse they shall become worldwide accompanied with wars, diseases, starvation, thirst and every horror that can be imagined to show the human race all that they will do to themselves with no God of righteousness to lead them through life. 


 No work, no home and no life with just legs and hope that keeps you going.


 Kids were the greatest back then because they just never really had much to lose, so it was just natural for them to take life as it was, and that was good guidance which we should all be teaching our children about through love, faith in God, and just accepting life for whatever it may be within the very hard times that are coming upon us all; and we should be doing that now because we love our kids and want them prepared to face many hardships, yet how can that be done with a world of unprepared adults who lack wisdom?


Unemployment and your broke with nothing, you want to work, but there just is none; and I have been experiencing that ever since I first came to the Philippines over 4 years ago.


The days are coming when history is going to repeat itself, and for the start there will be soup kitchens once again, but the difference between then and now when the crash comes again is that things will only get worse and worse with no recovery until all has been fulfilled according to the prophesy in the words of God to make way for the kingdom of God that will bring a kingdom that shall never again fall as the kingdoms of man always have. 


I will never forget the words my grandmother said to me for her answer on what it was like in the great depression when she said. . . .Well, we never really had much of anything anyway, so it was really no different at all. 


There is much that we all in this world today need to learn from the words of a woman who has been around over 100 hundred years, and that is because what she had was so simple that she was not of this world in many ways because there was no greed, no cussing, no stealing, no gossip, nothing with material value and just being content with the life that she had away from the busy world in a corner of Kansas while the city streets were riddled with death and organized crime.


My uncle Bill was another man sent from God, because without his love and bits and pieces for help through some of these years past my wife and I just could not have made it, and for anyone out there with some age that reads this, you know what its like to get old and face this world of today that pretty much just brushes you aside.


So for us in these end times that believe, we must have hearts pleasing to God, for without His love deep within, He is not dwelling in us; so says His own words in 1 John 3:17, 1 John 4:7-8


We are all sinners, but God through His love tells us. . . .

"And above all things have fervent charity {love} among yourselves: for charity {love} shall cover a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8


Want God's mercy in the coming great tribulation? Only through pleasing Him can you gain it, and God searches hearts. Hebrews 4:12-13, and has mercy on only those who please Him.  Romans 9:14-24


"Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that hope in His mercy; To deliver their soul from death, and to keep them alive in famine. Psalms 33:18-19


May God prepare us all for what's coming, please read Proverbs 1:22-32 while taking His every word very seriously because it was written for us all today who want the fear of the Lord, and then become one of the few in verse 33. 


We have been saved by grace, but from there, during these end times, its how we please God that determines our roads of life. Give some very serious thought to these words of God while asking yourself where you want to be. Either Psalms 91 or Lamentations 2:17, 21, chapter 3, 4:6, 9, 13.