What No One Can See

When Two Have Become As One - They Live On Faith While Spiritually Preparing For What is Coming Upon All Humanity in Ways Having No Escape


In the Philippines when we first met in person March 2007, I was 51 and Mylene 33. She was still a virgin and came from a life of extreme poverty where just leaves and rice was good enough to eat most of her childhood -- yet she had a very strong faith in Yehovah Elohim [God] - and in my eyes was very pure because she never smoked, drank, took any kind of drugs, swore, and was totally not materialistic - and still is not complaining over 9 years later from us living our life with near nothing while lacking many basic needs. 

As for me and my entire life past when compared to Mylene, we were as night and day; and that is simply because I am 20 years older, smoked, drank, cussed, gambled, shot pool, rode Harley, had guns with permit, and nothing but a life filled with wrong turns, mistakes, decision regrets, drugs, unhappy and lacking 30 year marriage, bankruptcy, head injury, burnt down home of 20 years, no steady income -- and basically a life that I would never want do over again in the same way; therefore in December 2006 I bought a one way ticket out of Chicago to the Philippines with very little money, zero income, and only one plan which was my intent of better knowing God after my 15 years of private study. This link below shares a bit more information on some of my past.


Because Mylene was a preschool teacher in a church, she always had a great love for children. Thus shortly after we met was placed as an elementary school teacher accompanied with many activities.Being work is scarce, especially for a person missing a leg, when a chance comes, they grab it; this man is using a root cutter to make digging the water canal easier.

Our greatest asset was that God had a plan for us - therefore with nothing but struggles, we had a love for each other that would only continue to grow through many years with our faith always doing the same.Typical life in the mountains for children having really nothing.This woman in her 80s still uses a root cutter to make the plowing for her little corn field easier. When you meet people that cannot walk, thus have a life in a small bamboo shanty with nothing they can do, its sad, especially when there is nothing you can do for them while only living day to day yourself.I cannot recall exactly, but a few years back I read the man that took this photo felt so guilty not doing more for this dying child, that he committed suicide; whether true of false is not really the point - but rather how would you feel passing by a still breathing child as soon to be hawk meat?This boy is but another sad story in life out of millions being not only children, but people of all ages that have no home, no food, hard to get drinkable water, no medical supplies, rags for clothes, and no real hope in this life; so you tell me what our world of corrupt governments and religions really do for any but themselves?Human rule has always been pathetic when the good for civilization becomes the subject; therefore because man has never changed, and all kingdoms have always fallen, America and other great kingdoms shall do the same along with world disasters, genocide and mass destruction which is en route being fact that cannot be changed or avoided. And never forget the all seeing eye knows everything about all people everywhere through modern technology [knowledge shall be increased] as written in Daniel 12:4.


What can one person possibly do for their only genuine love, need, and best friend in life when there has been no money for years -- and much prayer for years and years which also seems to be unanswered? I could write a thousand pages just on her years of tears shed from pain -- and have written much on our simple needs through time past -- but do you think any Christians could care less? Not in any way whatsoever, in fact they do absolutely nothing for others while refusing any deed, no matter how small, through ignoring their Christian commanded good works, and reason is because of their fruitless blind pastors and all religious titles can't teach what they themselves do not do -- thus making their faith dead as goats. Luke 6:44-46, James 1:22-25, 2:14-26, Matthew 25:31-46, etc. etc.

Want solid rough uneasy truth from scripture on how YHVH views 'all' shepherds and their congregations worldwide? These 200 pages I wrote and share offer more than any religions will ever teach; and its because of their pride which goes before destruction while bringing their congregations bloodshed. Proverbs 16:18, Lamentations 4:13


Want God's mercy before calamity strikes and He laughs at this world of Christian frauds and religious hypocrites? Proverbs 1:22-32


When we were married August 3rd, 2009, she bought the $25 ring set on credit, and what you see was our wedding for 1000 peso or $20. The home above and below where Mylene was raised has become the roof over our head; however, we did use all we had to make it more livable for not just us, but her mother and dad who it belongs to -- thus really leaving us with zero funds, and nothing we can call our own. Yet through faith, we keep our hope for anything very simple such as a bamboo home on our own lot for some peace, quiet, a garden, chickens, and Internet so I can continue writing as our Father directs -- because by myself I can do nothing.

To live just a simple life in a place like Lake Sebu would without question be as a dream come true. Our mishap in the Jeep happened over 3 months ago, and to this day have not been able to make even basic repair just to make it drive-able again. What would have cost many thousands in America, I can do here for about $500; and the same is true for a simple and basic home lacking glass windows and much more leaving only what is really needed. Growing in faith genuinely through more than words alone allows those to see this world as it truly is - what is coming - and why these things must be; thus rather than looking at worldly items, activities, or the uncountable religions, beliefs or anything worldly -- all that comes is acceptance for their own life as it is regardless of how hard, or how much is lacking; and that is because during the times lying ahead, just this shack, food, water and basic needs would be as one of the greatest blessings because it would mean survival with Yehovah God as your only provider in keeping you alive through great timesoftrouble for entrance into the millennial kingdom to live out the rest of your life in peace with happiness under YHVHs rule with no more laws or ways of man which have always miserably failed. If only people could see this child as their own, then they would also see what is coming; but sadly there is a way which seems right unto man -- until the ways of death with no escape arrive. Proverbs 16:25

When it comes right down to the existence for the haves in this world, when through these years ahead they become have-nots being no different than within world slavery: only then will they begin to realize just how much they took for granted everything they had in life while never being thankful, and never sharing through selfishness; and reason is because all we do, think, feel, and live by is known by our creator with nothing ever hid -- so when judgment comes -- what we did for others is how we shall all be judged. Ecclesiastes 12:13-14, Luke 6:38, Jeremiah 17:10, 1 Samuel 2:3, Hebrews 4:12-13, etc. etc.


https://www.gofundme.com/timesoftrouble  Many within our sad world of corrupted individuals via Internet will ask donations while living in luxury – just as huge charities lining their own pockets; and the same is true for misleading religions with plenty funds, yet lacking spiritual truth from the 3rd heaven while selling misleading speech congregations actually believe.

But when that needed truth comes through a man of 61 that has been living a decade in poverty as a have-not with his faith filled wife when my only specific purpose or function in life is delivering warnings and a message none want to hear – even though all shared is much for benefit of children never taught truth -- and all those with some age for their own good towards endurance with survival during what lies ahead – yet no help ever comes our way being a perfect example of how Christians really are -- yet has been totally accepted as just the way things are for those few called out of this world according to scripture; however, when and if it be the will of Yehovah – what is needed will come to help us with better meals, basic living conditions, and life itself.

https://dochub.com/timesoftrouble  offers a good choice being near 190 individual reads on various subjects concerning the major mess America and our entire world civilization is truly in; and includes worldwide mislead Christianity according to the Bible.





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