What No One Can See

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Have you ever given any very serious thought on the ways of this world all through history along with what is happening every passing second to somebody somewhere?

Have you ever gone so far within your own mind to the point where you were striving to place yourself in the situation of another human being who was greatly suffering beyond what any words can really describe?

Have you ever asked yourself the question being why so much world violence? Why so much starvation, why so many diseases, why so much perverted and truly heartbreaking child abuse, why so many rapists, why so many women beaters, why so many murders, why so much torture, why so many genocide attacks bringing end to millions of innocent lives? Why is this world so filled with corruption, lies, greed and every way of darkness with no true light to be seen?

Why has this world half filled with believers in God always in division or religious wars only bringing bloodshed

When it comes right down to the truths of living a life for only God and not ourselves as this world of believers being sluggards expecting something for nothing because they feel that words are all that's needed because they have been saved while forgetting the eyes of God are on there every thought and action that He weighs (1 Samuel 2:3) through what is written in our heart that cannot lie or hide anything. (Jeremiah 17:10, Hebrews 4:12-13) Therefore the life of any true believer following their Head Jesus Christ becomes very hard, difficult, stressful, irritating, confusing, painful and can even bring a fight against depression that is only an added part of overcoming this world as Christ did; and if it was something easy there would be more than just the few that actually do overcome; so what we have is a misled human race being the many of this world with but few in the narrow way. (Matthew 7:13-14)

But because to do it requires overcoming the god of this world, it is nothing but a constant non stop battle of war between flesh and spirit twenty four hours a day; and if anyone thinks that it is easy to do it’s because they have been deceived and are being led by the devils false spirit of comfort which is a false light with false roots and just nothing real as in a false anchor that cannot hold when the storms begin; and soon they will as in a concrete guarantee from God. And because of believers false anchor and false construction, their ship is going to sink slowly which much anguish and suffering with no easy way out of the calamities.

Read about proper construction in this one of hundreds of my own written link


When a person is alone in life with needs mentally, physical health and spiritually that only wants someone real for a friend because they are not of this world, they just remain alone until God makes the changes; and that is just a part of faith; so they just continue on in a life that is not a life because they have been in the same square mile for almost four years with no money, no work and nothing to do other than strive to only absorb the truth of God;and its a very lonely life with nothing other than a few false words from false brethren in a world that shows no care in any way other than just how spiritually great they can see themselves.



And just to make something clear for all is that there have been uncountable attempts for changes in my life through the years as in near 700 individual job attempts to be placed in Afghanistan, offering myself to be placed within refugee camps and even a willingness to give up a body part to help another just for some funds of survival. I also have offered myself to any church that wanted only truth--- but when things remain the same with only spiritual growth and nothing more, it is because that is the way God wants it, so He is never questioned and I just continue in fighting the fights of life while seeing this world in ways most all have just totally missed where realities truths according to God are involved; and I can see so well because through faith I just stay exactly where God has placed me which is away from this world and alone in my fight. And it is one tough fight that is always squeezing the life right out of me; and being hungry with no love from a world who says how much love they have only adds to the pain.  But the more it hurts the stronger my faith in God becomes because soon to come the pains will become very real; and God makes only those ready who trust only Him

And another point that requires more words is what I just said about the many who have missed the realities because there are millions who can see some storms coming, but almost zero that understand the only one way of preparation without changing world events because thy word is truth and prophecy of what’s already happened cannot be changed . . . so massive bloodshed along with every horror know to man is in route; and that’s a fact that cannot be changed in any way. Therefore what the millions or even billions have missed is the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that only God can give; and they all have missed it because God does not give anything to anyone who does not look only to Him and never man. And when man cannot see the glories of God that an eternity of words could never even scratch the surface of, its because they have been deceived and just live their lives in their own ways with their own words and their own actions in self comfort zoning because they are apart of Satan s counterfeit world that has destruction coming upon it in ways for more devastating than their own minds of confusion can in any ways relate to-----until it is too late. 

So what has been missed and what’s the point?

Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego, Job, Daniel, Jeremiah, Elijah, Paul and all men of God who have suffered, because their sufferings were a lesson for you in showing that you shall suffer also, but through faith and obedience God will give you all the strength to endure whatever may come; and for some like the three men in the fiery furnace there will be no hurt because their faith was so great that they were willing to just die for God if that was His will.

Just read Daniel chapter three very deeply while switching places with the men of God that you are reading about because the switch is going to happen to you in real life, so honestly ask yourself if you are prepared.


And with that question ask your self if God is going to show you the mercy to deliver your soul from death and to keep you alive in famine as written in Psalms 33:18-19----and in doing that never forget that those who murder brethren have not the love of God, and God is love; therefore all those who God knows not He will have no mercy on. So where is your heart that God sees each second while knowing its intent before you even know


Just how many times does a man of God have to write the same verses over and over for all to see? 1 John 3:11-18, 4:7-8  leaves it all up to you to do with whatever you choose, but when we reject God, God will reject us just as He did to Saul in 1 Samuel.  Read all of chapter fifteen, but just to open your eyes quickly read verse 23; and then switch places with Saul because God is going to reject all who have no love.




If it was you who saw the whole human race already let’s say three years into its final decade that only left seven remaining years, what would you do?




Let’s look again. If it was you who saw only about seven years of life remaining as all have come to know it along with the details of how life for 6.8 billion people is going to come to their end, what would you do?




If you had no life other than God with absolutely no trust in man simply because when just anyone really looks at this whole world of people today, all that can be seen is one big lie; and those who speak the smoothest are the greatest liars of all because they actually believe themselves, unfortunately they cannot see themselves in the ways they will be through these times coming upon a world that cannot see.




 What you can see is the beginning of sorrows in its granny gear crawling behind the  scenes of the world while getting ready to shift into 2nd for some movement to get things rolling; and that gear shift is prepared to be made with a world food shortage, nuclear, chemical and  biological weapons in unstable hands with the greatest world power getting ready to begin its fall for good which will be the start of major wars in the middle east that will take the food supplies remaining as major diseases begin taking millions of lives;




And add to that the coming short lived new world order with millions being exterminated in America and what we have is a very well mixed recipe for disaster about to be served worldwide with the greatest sufferings to begin right in America; and there are millions of plastic coffins just waiting their free inhabitants, and who said the United States government was not fair? I mean free deaths and free coffins at no charge? What more could you ask for?




And there is no man made make believe secret rapture that is just another fairy tail that has sucked the truths of God out of two billion minds that will not learn until they are in the ditches with no escape where the blind teachers and preachers have placed them all; and God tried to tell you all over and over through His love, but man just prefers what man says and never what God says directly.   




There are endless details about just everything concerning this world full of human beings that could be discussed; and being that all discussions of man are about man rather than who created man and eternity---- right there is why this world is getting ready to become the greatest times of trouble that has ever been with the greatest horrors all through history becoming as nothing in comparison to what is about to begin that will be spread through the coming years.




When an individual is born with a caring heart and goes through life as a giver to the point where there own hearts for others have caused them to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars only to be left as one not very far above the gutters, they come to see the mass of humanity in the same way that God sees it via hearts; and that is because God looks at nothing else concerning His created beings because it is our heart that tells God everything that He wants to know.




“. . . for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7




God put me within a position years ago where I would have many needs; and God does all things for a purpose; and those are words of spirit that only few will understand, so through these past years I have become a living witness in seeing the true hearts of many just as God sees them; and when it comes to their looks, smiles, words, love, intelligence, God, Christ, biblical knowledge, hymns, worship or just whatever their own particular beliefs may be, they have many kind words which make them outwardly very strong and true with God.




But when they all worldwide are seen only by their hearts as God sees with the actual intent of their hearts included, all that can be seen is their true colors that a thousand words of love could never hide because the hearts are only the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth with absolutely everything made known to God; and that is why He uses the word heart 762 times in scripture; but when you tell a world of believers in God about the heart and how they just don’t understand the meaning, through their own words they will say that they do because in their own blindness they cannot see their own hearts as cold as ice even though the words of God call all believers with no love for their own brethren that are other parts of the body of Christ murderers and how murders have no eternal life abiding in them; and remember, God is talking to His saved children and not atheists and strangers. Yet all continue their lives by not entering by the door into the sheepfold which is Christ and truth with full obedience, but instead climbeth up some other way, and the same is a thief and a robber.  John 10:1




God has supplied me with a life of education that included no real schooling because I flunked through Jr. high and was just passed on to high school where I was suspended about 27 times in a year and a half and just quit; and churches were never a part of my life other that what God wanted me to see over fifteen years ago; and with that never fellowship or even true brethren, so where I am now at in life is where God has placed me.




So what has my education taught me?




I see God’s kingdom with no more bloodshed, lies, greed, corruption, murders, rapes, abuse to women and children along with a whole world that through actions is lower than the belly of a slug in the slime pits of horrors because of what human beings do to other human beings with words and graphics that are so cruel they cannot even be written along with the world that is now only temporary with material things that are all coming to their final end. I can also see the crash of 1929 coming upon America in ways that will become a hundred thousand times worse which are more words with graphics the natural minds can’t handle or understand until they are amongst the massive deaths that are coming upon all in a world of blindness. So at least get used to what your new homes and hospitals will be like ahead of time to set your mind right.




Called a Squatters Shack in the great depression.




When hospitals become over crowded with diseased patients this will be where many will end in deaths.




But through education from God I have learned how to become one of the few because I care nothing about this world today. Therefore my concerns are for those within a world that cannot see the sad realities are going to greatly effect children who are the most innocent that will suffer the greatest because they were never raised in the way that a child should grow; and that is because their parents were not, because their parents were also in darkness that goes all the way back to the beginning because the father of lies was there and still is here today. And he is so good at what he does that this deceived world of religions are all of mans religions that all believe while rejecting our only true God. And He said this is the way that it would be; and because I look only to God and believe only God I have absolutely no association with the churches of man because I hear only what my Father commands.


What God expects from us is what we must do; therefore words alone have no meaning.


In this world today is only much unseen confusion when looked at while being a part of it; however when we become away from this world, thus seeing all things as written by God from a clear and true spiritual point of view while having zero association with any religions or human beliefs along with all the ways of humanity including corruption worldwide; all that can be seen is our coming destiny in ways so gruesome that none believe what God tells all; therefore I do have a message for this human race, but sadly most all people other than few will hear truth delivered in the same way [amongst scorpions] as Ezekiel Chapters 2 & 3.


May God be with you because the worst timesoftrouble ever before on this earth are coming upon one totally unprepared civilization; so say the words of God believers refuse to believe while believing themselves and this world of false teachers God warns them all to put no trust in.






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