What No One Can See

Home in the Banana Trees                                            http://timeoftrouble.webs.com/ourhome.htm

Us after three years of waiting in faith for the start of something we could call our own home.  

Mylene working on clearing our 30'x30' lot for one thousand dollars that she put half down from a loan through teachers payroll deductions.

 The beginning of our 20x18 ft mansion with no right of way.


 This is $500 in lumber which is enough to frame our home plus  block, cement, re-bar, stone and sand is another $500. 

 A carpenter with his son as a laborer helper and block mason at $10 per day total for the two of them.


 And they do good work, slow but good, and slow because that's just the Philippine way to make money.


Kids who like to watch.


With Victor the carpenter I never saw a level or power tool other than a plainer that I had to buy for shaping these 4x4's to make them very true as the six main supports for the home. The tool cost more than the total labor for him to build the frame of the entire 20'x18' home; and its cost was 3800 peso or around $75.


 This was our progress in February 2010 when we had to stop in wait for God's help which did come in March.


 Just happy standing in her dream home looking out the c/r (comfort room) window. 


 And so easy to please with just love because I have nothing else other than the faith we share in our creator. So we just wait with patience for something better as in the location with a bit more property, some roosters, a couple of goats, a rabbit, a few birds, a garden and some peace in life with some privacy rather than being on a small lot.


My wife just standing in our future bedroom within our mansion and being content.


Here in the Philippines a 2x2, a 2x4, a 2x6 or a 2x10 is actually what the numbers say it is, whereas in America the size of lumber in truth has always been a big lie just as most all advertising, government words, media, news and just everything including what false preachers teach while collecting God's money that's a sin while holding back the truth through ignorance as obedient puppets on strings like Obama, Bush, Clinton and them all. Welcome to reality.


Ready for the native style roof leaves that I really love rather than the tin roofs that rust and just have no appeal. Rustic natures way is what I have always liked.

This NIPA leaf roofing is hand made and comes in 5' lengths and is laid out overlapping. The cost for each one is about 14 cents and we needed 600 for our roof so the cost was 4200 peso or less than $100 dollars. 


Work I did with very rough coco lumber was very affordable even though we still owe from months ago. The 2x2's, 2x4's and 2x6's for a material cost of about $100. On the inside of our home much bark shows; and to me just the natural look, at least that is the way my mind worked when building interior because I had no choices in the matter.

Just a shell, but a dream coming true with thanks to God.



Septic with dirt bottom for good natural drainage here in Negros Oriental.

Me building the counter for our sink and whatever.


This bamboo matting for the walls a woman made with her daughters helping. She earns 150 peso each and the size is 6x8. The time it takes them is near two days of steady work; and her pay of 150 peso equals about three dollars. We bought six of them, so that is about $18 dollars for near two weeks worth of good quality work. When my wife and I first met and saw her working with her daughters we could see they had need, so we just gave her 100 peso which is a couple bucks that made her happy for some rice and bread. 

We also had no glass for window openings so I began making some bamboo shutters on hinges that turned out good for something to do.

(There is now glass louver type windows with shutters removed)




This is Brian a neighbor at 8 years old with the maturity of an 18 year old. He says little, but when he speaks you know exactly what he is saying.


My only life has my mind captured on realities concerning human destiny never taught in the religions of man worldwide because over three billion believers refuse to believe anything God speaks directly against them all.


Me at the back door, and by the bamboo fence you can see just how small our lot is.


My wife Mylene in our small living area.




 Behind the home is our super big backyard. 


I put a latter against a coconut tree and went up for a couple of pictures that show just a 30x30 lot size

The blue laundry basket is on the fence.

 Here is our do it yourself bamboo and nipa front extension for an outside place in the rain or hot sun.

Home sweet home until God helps us onto a lot with more sq meters.

(And God has which is why this home is for sale, rent or God's purpose)

In June 2012, God blessed my wife and I with a way to purchase a much larger lot, therefore this home is for sale or rent --- or if God has a plan for its use. 300,000 is the asking price which equals about $7287.00 USD.

It is small home on a small lot located in South Poblacion Bacong Negros Oriental, but for over two years was just fine for us as a blessing from God with thanks always. Please share this or pass it around because we most certainly need some funds just for basic needs such as food to eat. Thank you.